Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable Manufacturing

“We want to know the people we work with and build long-term relationships.”

We produce 100% in Europe

Our carefully selected factory where BY LE ME garments are produced is located in Jelgava, Latvia (European Union). Founded in 2010, it is a trusted supply and we chose to work with this factory as it is transparent with social and work ethics. Working hours of all employees does not exceed local legal requirements and European Union labour standards. Working directly with our manufacturing partners and visiting them regularly, has allowed us to build strong relationships with them, which helps us to make sure that we all incorporate the same values in our way of working The factory complies with applicable laws and regulations of European Union in regard to working hours and operates in a manner that promotes humane and productive hours of work and working conditions.  We feel a moral obligation to the people who make our garments. Adequate wages, healthy working hours, a safe hygienic workplace, protection of the environment, prohibition of forced labour, elimination of child labour are all vital to our social responsibility.

On Demand production

On-Demand is a method of manufacturing in which goods are only produced when they are required, rather than in large batches.Most fashion companies produce large quantities of inventory, a practice that reduces per-piece production cost but often leaves them saddled with excess product at the end of the season. This extra product is put on sale, marked down repeatedly, and if consumers still won’t buy, it’s dumped in landfills or burned, adding significant pollution to our planet.

All of our factories pay average wages over the minimum wage. We are striving to ensure 100% of our workers earn living wages.

We take annual trips to our factories and the farms where we source our organic cotton to meet the people who craft our jeans.

We also conduct third party audits up and down our supply chain to meet our high social responsibility and environmental standards

All of our suppliers must sign our Code of Conduct before our working relationship begins.

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